Een echte Zorki 11

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Zorki-11 was made by KMZ from 1964 to 1978. Zorki 10 which is a more featured version has also a rangefinder. Both cameras have similar modern design which in fact is a copy of a Japanese Ricoh Auto 35.

Some specifications

Film format: 135 (35mm)
Picture size: 24mm x 36mm
Lens: Industar-63 , 2,8/45mm
Filter size: M52x0.75
Shutter: Focal plane
Shutter speeds: Programmed Automatic (No manual settings)
Viewfinder: Parallax marks and Symbols for focusing distance
Exposure meter Selenium cell around the lens
Size: WxHxD 122x73x75mm
Weight: c.650g
PC X and M sync, accessory shoe

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